Work for True Earth™ Organics

We are excited to be able to offer the following positions to people who are keen to enjoy the experience of participating in the harvest season in sunny Hawkes Bay.

+ Blueberry harvest
+ Blueberry grading/packing

Our blueberry season is from February to the end of April. All orcharding is weather dependent – we like to work a six day week but cannot work in heavy rain. During picking we often have to wait for fruit to ripen again, and so may have two days off in the week and then work all weekend, so you need to be flexible and understand that we do our best to keep you working.

We cannot offer work outside of the blueberry season, so cannot offer continuous employment, nor give letters of employment as you will be employed as a casual employee.

Preference is given to people willing to work right through the blueberry season, so we cannot give you work for just one week.

It is also preferable to us if you have work visas arranged, nz bank accounts and IRD numbers, and transport. We have no accommodation on site or transport, and are fifteen minutes from Hastings and Havelock North. You will need a car. If you are interested in working for us please contact us by email in mid January and we will let you know when our interview days are.

Full training will be provided to the successful applicants.

Check out the immigration requirements and then express your interest to work with us and we will email you an information pack.

You must be eligible to work in New Zealand to apply for these roles.

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Testimonial from two English back packers

This could be your lucky day” was a well anticipated text message we recieved from Kevin Corbett after 4 days of unsucessful job hunting. We began work at Lawson’s in the ‘chilly’ packhouse on day 1 of the blueberry season with 11 other new faces from all walks of life. Quickly we became a part of the team and were welcomed into what we later realised was a warm and friendly family business. From misty mornings picking out in the paddock to packing juicy blueberries to be sent all over the world, from sunny afternoons driving tractors to dusty onion packing, we did it all. But more importantly for us we did it all with a light hearted work ethic and by the end we did it all with our friends. We really enjoyed our 3 months working at True Earth and would highly reccomend Lawson’s. If seasonal work experiences is what you are looking for then this is your place.

– From the ‘Proper’ English Pommes Kaylea and Lucy.

Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay is known for its sunny climate, sheltered coastal plains, gorgeous beaches and long-established vineyards.

Add to the wine, the huge gourmet food industry blossoming in support and you have ample reason to tread the Wine Country Food Trail. From the delicate asparagus and strawberries of Spring, sweet corn and stone-fruit of Summer, apples and avocados of Autumn (Fall) to the vegetables and citrus fruits of Winter. Literally hundreds of fine restaurants, cafes and wineries will break down anyone’s resistance.

For more information about Hawkes Bay, please visit one of the following sites:

Where is Hawkes Bay?