True Earth™ Organic Carrots


Did you know?

We are very excited now to be able to offer you a degradable carrot bag. They are still made of plastic; however they have an additive in them that allows the plastic to break down through oxidation into small fragments, which then decompose into the natural elements of carbon dioxide, water, biomass, and minerals.

In an ideal world we would prefer to not be using any plastics. However in order to maintain the integrity of our products we need to prepack for many of the retail stores we supply. We do not want our organic produce mixed up with conventional produce. We need to be pre packed and bar coded, so our produce is available to as many consumers as possible, and ensures us traceability.

For more information on what our new degradable carrot bags are made from please click below.

Degradable Bags Information


When are your carrots planted?
Our True Earth™ organic carrots are planted pre winter and in spring to give the earliest possible harvest time in November. We harvest from November through to March.

Why do organic carrots cost more than convential carrots?
All our carrot weeding has to be done by hand. This can cost at least 50 times more per hectare to weed by hand than to spray with chemical herbicides.