Thank you


I have wanted to write for a while now and let you know how important you are to our family;

I love what you do and buy all the products you grow that I can get, all the time.

Thank you, your food definitely helps me and my family stay healthy and strong.

I believe that even though I have a life-threatening illness, the certified organically produced food I am consuming has helped my body stay as healthy as it can.

I have been researching food production techniques for a long time and feel we are finally really getting how important our soils and inputs are (for better and worse), and starting to fully understand that the very complex soil biology in which we expect our food to grow into quality nutrient dense healthy food, needs natural good things and not the stuff that has been thought by many (aware or not) to be the be all and end all of food production for the last little while, and which is proving to be very problematic and is not really ‘feeding’ the world in actual fact, just filling us up with, well, rubbish really (and lots of it).

I have noticed personally and what my family tells me too that when we do eat this industrialized ‘food’ we are left stuffed full and still hungry!

So I just wanted to say thank you again to you Scott and Vicki and your company true earth for being one of the pioneers in organic, nutrient dense and sustainable food production and all that has entailed/s, (no small feat I realize), and also certifying it all for us too, and in that giving me the chance to keep my family happy and healthy, body and soul.
From a very happy customer

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