About Us

When our blueberries are perfectly ripe and at their flavour-filled best, we pick them by hand, literally blueberry by blueberry to retain every ounce of goodness and deliver them swiftly and safely at their absolute best.

It’s people intensive – and that’s the way we like it. Our team are like family and the positive energy and support we all create is as important as the care we give our land.

The Driving Force

Growing up in Hawke’s Bay, Scott Lawson spent his youth dabbling in growing vegetables. A quick trip home from school at lunchtime to check on his crops was just part of what he loved to do. So, with over thirty seasons of growing under his belt – his innovation and passion for growing and enjoying a healthy sustainable lifestyle is the driving force behind True Earth certified organic blueberries. Scott has always felt it is important to give back to the community and has been actively involved in many off farm, farming groups. He is currently on the boards of OANZ (Organic Aotearoa New Zealand) and the Hawke’s Bay Future Farming Trust.

Our Team

Our staff are helped throughout the year also by up to 40 seasonal staff at the height of the season, many returning from the previous seasons.

We love growing the most delicious blueberries in the most sustainable way, with a lot of heart. Soil, nature, the tastiest blueberries and a healthier way to live. From start to finish it’s all round goodness.

Work For Us

We would love you to work alongside us!

With organic farming, everything is naturally connected and that’s the way we live and behave with the people we work with, the customers we value and the community we live in. Integrity is everything.

For seasonal work opportunities, harvesting and packing from late November to May, please send an email detailing your work experience to


Vicki Meech


Vicki works behind the scenes, taking care of all things accounts and admin. A passion for nutrition and living a sustainable lifestyle with Scott and their two adult sons bring her the most pleasure. In her down time, she loves Yoga, Pilates and spending family time at the beach.

Andy Jeffs

Blueberry Manager

Originally from the UK, Andy emigrated to NZ in 2005. With a background in finance, education and landscaping he has always had a love for organic growing and plant health. Andy joined the team at Lawsons in 2013. Outside of work Andy loves spending time with his wife Erica, gardening, walking his dogs and playing football. He is passionate about living a balanced life.

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