The True Earth™ Story

About Lawson’s True Earth™
Certified Organics

The True Earth™ Story

“True earth” is situated in the sunny Hawkes Bay Provence; the fruit bowl of New Zealand. The area is known for its highly productive soils, clean water in the rivers and aquifers, and has a productive labour workforce.

Quality food production is what we are about, the mantra being ‘healthy soils produce healthy food, for healthy people, in a healthy society’. This is what drives us to continually improve our soils in regards to the physical structure, the nutrient levels and the biological activity. None of which is more important than the other. With the implementation of good crop rotations, soil testing, green manure crops, compost, fish and seaweed, natural rock phosphate and lime etc. It is these practices combined with modern technologies such as GPS Steering on our tractors which help us to improve our soils over time.

We are a member of BioGro, NZ’s leading Organic Certification which is accredited to the international IFOAM standard. We have annual audits of the farm and packhouse with random audit visits carried out by the highly respected BioGro auditors. BioGro number 530 has been our certification number since 1994.

The history of our farm is relatively short, as the Ngaruroro River used to flow through here up to 150 years ago, leaving behind the alluvial deposits of silt loam, gravel stones and pumice.

The general area is known by local Iwi as Te Awa o Te Atua. The property was farmed as part of an extensive grazing property Longlands Station up to 1910. From there it was farmed by the Thompson family. In 1992 it was purchased by our family. We are thankful to the previous caretakers of this land for the fact that they chose not to use DDT etc. in the 1960’s and as a result it was a relatively simple conversion to certified organic production.

Our company philosophy is about constant improvement. We do not wish to stand still. We are always looking for better ways to support the environment and reduce our environmental impact. We recycle where possible and are constantly looking for the best packaging options.

Our staff, their welfare and their families are a key component of our business. Being a small family owned business it is paramount to us to have healthy happy staff. We are very proud of our low turnover of permanent staff.

We believe strongly in the philosophy in giving back to the community. Scott gives time in an horticultural industry advisory role to the Hastings City and Hawkes Bay Regional Councils. We host many visiting groups, whether university or high school students or overseas visitors. We also support various local charities and are proud sponsors of the Hawke’s Bay Festival of Hockey.

Certified Organic Producer

We have chosen BioGro as our certifier.

IFOAM accredited, BioGro is New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency with a proven history of high standards and integrity.

We carry the BioGro logo on our products so our customers know that the organic produce they buy is genuine and made without GMO, animal testing and the routine use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides.

We are also accredited by Global G.A.P.

You view more information on BioGro and Global.AP. on these sites:



What is Organic?

True Earth™ certified organic berry fruit and True Earth™ certified organic berry fruit and vegetables are grown naturally without the routine use of synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fungicides, herbicides and growth regulators. This is much more than spray free, and much more than planting a seed and walking away until harvest.

Growing organically is a science, which involves maintaining a balance in an environmentally sustainable and non-polluting system. It is labour intensive and involves the use of compost, careful tillage and rotation and encouraging natural predators. For example, a green crop such as vetch, phacelia, or barley is grown as a cover/fertiliser crop on an annual basis between each production crop. This is then carefully incorporated in to the soil along with compost to encourage microbial life and soil structure.

Considerable commitment by the Lawson family and staff is required to maintain this environmentally sustainable and non-polluting system. They employ consultants, for the monitoring of soil moisture levels, predators and soil composition.


With diligent record keeping and the latest computer software we are able to maintain a traceability system that can track seeds from the day they were planted, to the harvest of that crop, right through to which retail outlet they have been sent to.

We operate a pack house for the larger volume product lines of onions and carrots, potatoes, blueberries etc, for the local and export markets.

We use a strict cool chain including high humidity cool storage and refrigerated transport, to maintain quality and freshness.

We supply our certified organic fresh vegetables and berry fruit into specialty organic, fresh produce outlets and selected supermarkets. We also supply our vegetables to food manufacturers such as Pitango Innovative Cuisine and other producers of baby food and yoghurts.